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Painting Business Names:
How to Choose a Name for Your
Painting Business.

What's in a name? Does the name you choose for your painting business really have a significant effect on it's success?

When painters make the decision to start a painting business of their own one of the first questions they have is: "How do I choose a good name for my painting business?"

Here are some tried and true guidelines for choosing a name that will both offer a benefit to your potential customers as well as have a lasting effect (stick in their brains) so whenever they think of a painter they think of you first and always.

Before we get into how to choose a name, let's look at a few things to stay away from:

  1. Don't choose a name that is hard to remember or hard to say.

    Now that may seem like a "no brainer" but you'd be surprised how many painters do that.

  2. Try not to use a play on words as the name of your business, save that for your slogan.

    For example: "A Cut Above Painting Service", "Top Cut" or cliche things like that. They really don't work all that well.

When choosing a name for your painting business consider this:

  • You are the one selling the job.
  • You are the one creating the relationship with the homeowner.
  • You are the one supplying the service.

You are the expert, you want your customers to remember you - to recommend You!

By far the best names (most successful painting businesses I've ever come across) have the first and/or last name of the owner in the name.

For example "Bill's Painting Service" - not flashy, but it works. People don't feel like they are calling some "impersonal business" they are calling Bill - and if Bill has done a good job of marketing his service - the talk around town is "when you need a painter, you call Bill."

Now Let's Take It One Step Further...

When you think of your painting business it's important to consider every aspect (yes, even choosing your name) as a part of your marketing.

Think about using some sort of power word or benefit word in your painting business name.

For example - "Precision Painting" is a good name, it denotes fine craftsmanship, neatness, etc. - it's only two words so it's simple to remember.

...but when you put your name in front of it, it adds the element of intimacy. For example: Paul's Precision Painting, Miller's Residential Painting & Decorating, or Andy's Quality Painting.

Again this may seem very simple on the surface, but it has a long lasting effect with customers and that's what really matters.

You can go one step further and add a slogan, but don't just choose your slogan for the sake of choosing a slogan. Be sure it translates a benefit to your customer about what you and your services are all about.

I'll use mine as an example: Andy's Quality Painting - Where Quality and Affordability Meet.

Notice how this all works together.

Andy's Quality Painting: I'm the one doing the estimate, I'm the one building the relationship. I'm the one doing the painting - when people call they know who they are calling (intimacy).

Where Quality and Affordability Meet - with this slogan people know they will get a professional quality paint job at an affordable price...

...and if I've said it once, I've said it 1,000 times - people are looking for a professional quality paint job at an affordable price done by someone they can trust.

If you apply this simple technique along with all the step-by-step marketing, bidding and estimating secrets I layout in Painting for Profits Painting Business Success System - you will have all the tools for building a long-term, high-profit painting business.

Choosing a name is only the first step in a successful painting business. Marketing, proper business management, and customer service skills are just a few of the other areas that are vital to a successful painting business.

All of these topics and more PLUS the entire Bid-to-Win estimating system are laid out step-by-step in my #1 rated Painting for Profits program.

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