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Start A Painting Business
Painting for Profits

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you don't find the answer to your question below or on the Contact Us page, please e-mail me at admin@startapaintingbusiness.com

Q. Will the Painting for Profits system work for me in my area?

A. The Painting for Profits system is based on solid direct marketing principles and will work in all areas of the US, Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand.

But the only real way to find out for sure if it will work for you is to take advantage of our 30 day risk free offer and give it a try.

If you have at least average basic painting skills this system will help you start a painting business in no time flat.


Q What if I have questions as I go through the Painting for Profits course?

A. No problem! I love feedback and questions and will go out of my way to answer them – most often within 24-48 hours.

I strive to make the information in this course the best it can be. It is my goal to offer the best guide for starting and growing a painting business in our industry.

Feel free to email me with any and all of your questions and/or concerns about painting business ownership.


Q. Exactly how much painting experience do I need to start a painting business of my own?

A. It is always advised to gain as much experience as you need to do a quality job at a moderate speed – but like with any skill you will become more proficient over time.

As long as you can use a brush to cut a nice edge and work a roller with some command- you are well qualified to start your own painting business.


Q. Is there a way to stay informed about future information that will help me grow my painting business?

A. Yes! Join our Painting Business Tips monthly newsletter! Its Free and jam packed with insider tips, tricks and strategies for exploding your painting business profits.


Q. Is it safe to pay with my credit card over the internet?

A. Yes, paying with a credit card through our secure server is completely safe and secure. We use a secure merchant account through Authorize.Net, one of the leaders in the eCommerce industry.  Click on the Authorize.Net Seal on the home page for more details.

Q. Can I pay by check or money order?

A. Of course!  If you feel more comfortable paying by check or money order simply mail your check or money order for $147 (USD) made payable to Unity Holdings LLC.

Our Mailing Address:

Unity Holdings, LLC

740 Crescent Street, NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Once I receive your payment I will email you your own unique download link.

Q. Does Painting for Profits come in a printed copy?

A. Yes, if you would like to be sent a 217 page printed copy of the Painting for Profits program, please send your mailing address along with a check or money order in the amount of $167 + shipping ($12.95 to US, $19.95 to Canada or $29.95 to Overseas from the US) in USD to the address above.  

Upon receipt of your payment we will ship your book and bonuses via Priority Mail.

Q. Is the Painting for Profits course really worth $147?

A. NO! It is worth TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars, and I will be raising the price soon!

The Painting for Profits course is Specific how to, what to, and why to information that guarantees your success.

If you want to start a painting business (or any kind of business for that matter) but are not willing to invest less than $150.00 for the vital information that will streamline your path to success, then you have no business going into business at all. I suggest you just keep settling for the pittance you are being paid now.

This purchase is a 100% tax deductible business expense for your painting business; it can only help you make money!

If you buy it and try it and it works like I say, and in the next 30 days you have $14,700.00 profit in your bank account and the phone is still ringing off the hook, I am sure you will agree it was well worth the small investment.

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