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From the desk of
Andy Thompson

Dear Fellow Painter,

Have you been painting houses long enough to know all the basics?

Are you sick and tired of being paid $8 - $10/hr ($12 if you're lucky) for your labor while your boss is charging $45 - $65/hr or more for your valuable skills?

Do you desire to start a painting business of your own but don’t know where to start?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this may be the most important letter you will ever read.

Managing a house painting business can be very easy and extremely profitable -- IF you know how to avoid the pitfalls -- that cause a startling 98% of paint contractors to go out of business within the first 9 months…

NOT because they are bad painters -- they just didn't know enough about… marketing their painting business or how to write competitive painting estimates.

My name is Andy Thompson. Having over 16 years of hands-on experience in the painting trade, starting as an apprentice, then as a self employed painting business owner and now as a consultant and author allows me to know our industry inside and out.

Using my basic painting skills and extensive marketing background I developed a fool-proof blueprint for starting a painting business on a tight budget that targets - small, easy to paint, high paying, half to full day jobs.

You are about to discover all the tips, tricks and strategies that produced a folder full of letters of recommendation signed by satisfied customers and that allowed me to effortlessly double my income each of the last 3 years.

Have you been searching high and low for information on how to start and grow your painting business -- only to be disappointed?

Well, hold on to your painter’s cap you just struck gold!

Painting has been good to me and my family so it has become my mission to provide fellow painters (YOU) with the best, most up-to-date information on how to start and grow a successful painting business quickly, with --minimal start-up cost-- ($250 or less) and NO EXPENSIVE ADVERTISING!

It is my intention to reveal ALL of my most closely guarded profit-producing secrets so you can become successful in the shortest time possible.

Keep reading to find out about my proven step-by-step system for starting a solid, profitable, referral based painting business in as little as 21 days or less.

Do not fall victim to these common mistakes

Every year TENS of THOUSANDS of painters decide to go into business for themselves. They all begin with good intentions -- but sadly fall victim to the same common mistakes -- that doom them to fail right from the start.


Because MOST painters only know the “painting side” of the painting business!

A lot of house painters wrongly assume just because they have good painting skills, they are guaranteed success.

If becoming successful only had to do with having good painting skills - there would be a lot more rich painters out there!

The truth is there are dozens of factors that can make or break the success of your painting business...

Do you know what they are?

Can you afford to guess?

You are about to discover two very important tips every painter needs to know before they even think about starting a painting business.

The first one is going to streamline the process of getting your new painting business up and running quickly making mountains of cash…

… And the second one will plug you into an endless stream of small, high paying, easy to paint jobs!

Painting Business Tip #1:

The FIRST thing every painter needs to know is that starting and growing a successful painting business consists of 4 separate but equally important parts.

  1. The Paperwork/Start-up – This is all the legal stuff like:

    • Choosing the right name. Filing for a DBA / Tax ID number.

    • Shopping for insurance.

    • Getting a license if your state requires one.

    • Setting up bank accounts and building credit.

    • Goal setting & Mind set

    • And so on…
  2. This part can be quite confusing and time consuming if you don’t have an organized step-by-step system to follow.

  3. The Painting/Labor – I assume you have the basic skills and know-how for this step or you wouldn't be looking for information on how to start a painting business.
  4. There is so much work out there if you just know where to look!

  5. The Marketing – Or what I like to call the “business side” of the painting business. This is the part that gets the phone ringing... 

    If the phone isn't ringing, do you really have a business? 

  6. The Estimating  This is the part that gets the cash flowing!

Painting Business Tip #2:

Outsmart your competitors -- by targeting the people already doing business with the homeowners who NEED and can afford your services…

But who are these people and how do you get them to refer high paying paint jobs to YOU and ONLY you?

The Painting for Profits system shows you how to instantly tap into this endless stream of top paying jobs for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

You can start bringing in a consistent stream of new customers right under the noses of even the most established painting contractors in your area... in no time flat!

The best part is that VERY few painters know about this huge untapped market.
It is wide open and loaded with profit just waiting to be deposited into YOUR bank account!

Check out some killer perks of this
*CASH COW* niche!

  • Extremely LOW start-up and overhead.

  • No expensive advertising required!

  • The easiest jobs to target - if you know how!

  • The easiest jobs to paint – Basic painting skills are all you need!

  • Least Stressful and least physically demanding.

  • Easiest to schedule.

  • Highest paying -- Just to name a few!

There is a Six Figure Income Waiting for YOU
Right in Your Back Yard

For the first time ever -- I am reveling my proven, easy to follow, step-by-step system for starting an in-demand 100% referral based painting business in as little as 21 days or less.

You get all my secret strategies -- for exploiting “The most profitable niche in the painting industry”! I lay it all out on the table and hold nothing back.

The truth is I poured my heart and soul into this course, and I didn't leave anything out. This is a COMPLETE fool-proof blueprint for starting and growing your own 100% referral based residential-commercial interior and/or exterior painting business.

Not only that, Painting for Profits has already helped hundreds of painters from all backgrounds, skills levels and locales start and grow their own thriving painting businesses.

So regardless if you are a painter who just wants to earn a few thousand dollars per month painting part time...

...or you are professional painter with years of experience in the field who wants to build a full time full service painting business earning $6K, $8K and even up to $10,000.00 + per month - Painting for Profits will help you reach your goals!

Unlike most other painting business courses that only tell you what to do and very little else, everything is covered in complete detail

Painting for Profits not only tells you what to do, the reasoning behind every action you take is thoroughly explained...

...And most important of all, you are given complete step-by-step details showing you precisely how to carry out each step!

YES, these proven direct marketing strategies work -- in every area of the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand!

Starting Your Painting Business
Has Never Been Easier

You'll discover some of the safest and yet most PROFITABLE painting business-building techniques & income generating marketing strategies available today! ...And this isn't speculation or pie-in-the-sky theory, but proven methods that WORK.


Tap into a system for generating non-stop referrals so you will NEVER have to pay for expensive advertising again. This proven system will get your phone ringing off the hook for pennies a day!


You'll gain confidence from having a COMPLETE foolproof blueprint for success. You'll be taken by the hand and walked through each step of the process from start-up, to marketing, bidding and estimating, employee development and management as well as office management and customer service techniques... Everything has been simplified and streamlined so you will see measurable results and be able to quickly reach your goals.


Painting for Profits removes all the guesswork, stress and frustration out of starting & growing a profitable painting business, once and for all... which means you can safely navigate around all the landmine's and pitfalls - that cause so many good painters to fail.


You'll become more profitable from the very first job you land using the same proven time tested bidding formulas already helping hundreds of painters gain a higher closure rate and above average profit margins. (You'll be blown away by how much more money you'll pocket using these simple yet powerful formula's.)


You will be building an asset not just earning a paycheck, which means you will create a painting business you can eventually sell for top dollar!


Gain an unfair advantage over the most established paint contractors in your area and earn profits of $300, $500, $700 even up to $1000 (or MORE) Day-After-Day - right under their noses! (They'll never even know you exist.)


It's easy to keep your office and books in order using the simple office management system. It will help you keep your growing painting business organized and save you a huge amount of stress & frustration when tax time rolls around.


Get up & running and earning top dollar in as little as 7 days or less using the powerful shortcuts outlined in the quick start guide. You'll discover how to create the proper mind set for success as well as set achievable goals so you can move quickly from one success to the next.


You'll receive unlimited email access which means you will always have someone to answer your questions, encourage you and offer constructive feedback so you can reach your goals and grow your painting business fast.


Gain a professional edge right out of the gate! I tell you what to say and how to say it so you will come across as knowledgeable, respectful and trustworthy before you ever meet anyone face to face. (A HUGE benefit for the first time business owner).


You will develop a strong sense of confidence from the very first time a home owner accepts your bid on the spot. You are getting more than just a painting business success system, you are gaining access to someone who deeply cares about you and will be there helping you every step of the way. (Priceless)


Avoid the frustration of trial and error by following a proven road map that allows you to quickly build a respected reputation based on your quality service, quality character and quality paint jobs. (You'll become the painter of choice in your area in no time flat!)


Build momentum fast and lay a solid foundation for long term profitability even if you only have a tiny budget to work with! Some of the most profitable painting businesses in the world started off with budgets of less than $500!


There is NOTHING wrong with fast success, in fact success happens fast when you apply the techniques that are proven to produce fast results... (But if you would rather take the slow stressful path I'm sure your competitors will be grateful.) This system is for painters who want to work smart - NOT hard.


And SO MUCH more!!

If you have average basic painting skills you have all the talent you need to own your own painting business and earn an above average income.  

...And you don't need a PhD to understand the Painting for Profits System either...  Everything is laid out in simple, easy to understand step-by-step detail.

In fact I designed the entire Painting for Profits Success System to “Do the selling for you..."

...But the best part is my powerful step-by-step system works for painters of all skill levels - Not just those with years of professional painting experience, but even those with no prior business experience and those with only a tiny budget to start with

The entire Painting for Profits course has been painstakingly updated and expanded!

I have worked virtually every day to cram every tip, trick, and technique into this course. To make it the absolute best, most complete painting business success system available anywhere. 

I was up until midnight, 1:00am, and sometimes 3:00am day after day making sure I covered EVERYTHING. (All while keeping a full painting schedule.)

Frankly, those hours have taken their toll on me – But every email and phone call I receive from happy painters who have used the system to gain more confidence, avoid frustration, land more paint jobs and most importantly make more money... makes it all worth while.

...But don’t take my word for it, look at some of the letters I have recently received from painting business owners who are using the Painting for Profits Success System to consistently land more paint jobs and earn higher profits:


I've been using the Painting for Profits system since July. Although I did paint in college, prior to starting my own painting business I was a computer programmer. Everyone told me that getting started that late in the outdoor season I didn't stand a chance of surviving the winter.

However, here it is April, and I haven't missed a meal! In fact, I've been able to pay an employee, buy some much needed ladders and equipment (with cash - NOT credit), and keep all the paint stores very happy. I've used the Painting for Profits system to generate close to $100,000 in sales the FIRST year and in LESS than a year!

I've been able to make money on every single job I've done. Mind you, I have made a couple of mistakes and made less than I'd planned, but I haven't lost money on any jobs, and on most, I've made wages and an additional 15% profit.

And here's the kicker -- I live in a town of less than 10,000 people! With hard work and the framework in your Painting for Profits course, I'm proof that even in a supposedly down economy, you can build a great business.

Thanks for your Painting for Profits program!"

Kelly Thompson
Magic Valley Paintworks, LLC
Burley, Idaho

"Dear Andy,

"Wow! What else can I say, but THANK YOU so much! I am so thankful that I came across your information at just the right time. I was literally just about ready to call it quits with my painting business, but I was so encouraged after reading your material that I knew I had to push forward! You helped me find the original excitement I had when I started my business 5 years ago.

I am very excited that you have laid out such a smart and practical plan for anybody that wants to start a painting business, as well as great information for those of us who have been struggling along the way through trial-and-error.

I also appreciate how you promote and encourage the professionalism and integrity of the painting trade. I just hope that none of my local competition finds out about your books!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Brent C.

"I purchased Painting for Profits in mid-November. I have had steady jobs from December through February. I am booked up right now into April. I have six confirmed bids, waiting for me when I finish the exterior paint on the job I'm currently on.

Every painter and paint contractor should consider purchasing the Painting for Profits course."

Michael Patton

"Dear Andy:

What a great program you put together. I am an Airline Pilot and wanted to start a business on the side. I have followed your program by the numbers. And I am off and running.

I have only been doing this for two weeks, and have more business then I can handle. At this rate I might match my income with the airlines!

Thank you so much for putting an easy to follow step-by-step plan together."

Greg Harrington

"I started my painting business about a year and a half ago and have made more money than ever before while enjoying more time off. I love the Painting for Profits course, especially some of the updated sections, like the 9 most important things to have on an estimate, it's genius.

I have always wanted to be my own boss and with your help I have been able to achieve my entrepreneurial dream. Thank you very much.

P.S. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and answering all my questions."

Jeff Pfeifer


I read your Cracking the Painting Business Success Code and would like to say you're right on... I immediately took your advice and the very next morning connected with a real estate investor to paint 5-10 houses a month, EVERY MONTH! Nice Deal...

We just finished our first house and we start the next one in about a week... Your information has helped increase our income $8000 - $16,000 per month - it's nice to find someone offering information that REALLY WORKS!

Thanks for everything."

Rodd Westphal

"I love the painting business! I just got back from a seven day Caribbean cruise. If I was working for someone else I might not have been able to go. This business gives me freedom and flexibility. But for a long time I was doing everything by the seat of my pants.

I discovered the hard way that being a good painter is not enough. I had to learn the business side of painting. The best way to learn about business is to talk to someone who has done it. For me, Andy you are that person.

Your Painting for Profits course is not only about all the insider details I need for the business, it's about inspiration too. Every day I learn something new about life and business. When I need guidance and inspiration for my business to grow I turn to your course again and again."

Jon S. Thorhallson

For the first time I actually feel like I got more than my money’s worth from the information I purchased online!"

“Andy, within the first few days of using the marketing system I started getting calls for estimates.  I landed the first two estimates I bid on and I have another one to go to tomorrow! I calculated my profits on those jobs, $1882.56... after just two weeks my investment in your program has paid for itself over 12 times already..."

Updated Testimonial from Paul:

"As a handy man whose primary source of income comes from residential interior painting I can say with full confidence that the information you share in the Painting for Profits Success System has absolutely helped me bring in a more consistent flow of business and increase my closure rate and profits.

Painting for Profits is a valuable asset to my business."

Paul Budzynski
“The Handy Man Can”

“I've been painting for 30+ years... I was doing between $225,000 - $300,000 a year in business when I came across your Painting for Profits system...

I have already used many of the techniques you share to grow my business, but you have so many great ideas I had never thought of... I am confident that I can use them to finally hit the $500,000 mark!

Fantastic information! You've created quite an asset for painting business owners... It should be required reading for anyone considering starting their own painting business.

Charles Phillips

"I have been painting for years and personally started 3 different painting businesses due to moving around.  My wife and I are moving to Charleston, SC, so I am in the process of setting up business once again.

I came across your web site while surfing the internet and I'm so glad I did.  The information contained in your Painting for Profits book is invaluable.

I did very well with my last business in Newport, RI, but if I had read this book before starting my painting business there I'm convinced that I would be retired already at age 46.

Starting this business now in SC, I am putting everything into place following the Painting for Profits guidelines, knowing it is the recipe for success.

Thank you Andy for this AMAZING marketing system!

P.S.  Your advice on estimating is also terrific!"

Paul Campion

"I have been in business for 1 year and a month.  I have my license, insurance and a helper.  I have spent money on a new truck, tools, ads, etc. I made the Big Mistake.

There were times over the last year that I got in way over my head and was completely stressed out!  I wasn't going to give up - I was looking for a better way.  Someone who has a successful painting business to teach me what to do and fate brought me to you.

I took a chance - the price you charge doesn't even pay for an ad by a long shot.  I read just the first part of the Painting for Profits book and was amazed how smart the system is.  It's genius, it just makes so much sense.

To make a long story short, I am incorporating all of your techniques.  Thank you, I knew there had to be a better way.  I am a good, quick and clean painter, with good sales skills, and now thanks to your Painting for Profits system I am confident that I can build a strong profitable painting business.  Thank you Andy!"

Nick Spaniak

"Andy, your Painting for Profits course has fantastic ideas that are extremely helpful to my painting business.

I can't believe how fast things began to work!  

I've only implemented a few of your strategies and my business is running strong after just three weeks - even now in January!
Thanks for being so quick in answering all of my questions.

You really stand behind what you say.  I feel like I got more than a business building course - I got access to someone who cares about my success.

You have given me more than my money's worth.  If I can do anything for you, just ask. God bless you Andy."

Greg Kaminski

"Andy - Thanks for shedding light on the business side of the trade and for the countless hours your information has saved me.  It would have taken years to gain the knowledge you've passed down. (If I would have made it that long.)

I have made my share of mistakes in the past, but after implementing your Painting for Profits system I have found that I am far more confident and comfortable dealing with customers.  You explained everything so perfectly, it all makes sense, and your bidding system works great
Thanks again."

Ben Ojeda

"Hi Andy, I received my Painting for Profits e-book last week, I have read it cover to cover and I would just like to say it is full of superb info on how to start a painting business and worth every penny.

I have seen some so called how to manuals which were in reality, total garbage and quite useless. Your Painting for Profits Success System deals in useable facts, not pie in the sky BS.

Your system will be responsible for launching many successful painting businesses."

Max Sutherland

“Andy, What I respect most about what you have put together in this great Painting for Profits course is that all the information you share is taken from your successful 16 year track record in the painting industry.

This course is thorough, practical and chocked full of real world examples and strategies.

Andy you are one of the most honest, caring and trustworthy human beings I have ever known!”

Sgt. Scott A Hewitt
United States Army
Airborne Rangers

“Andy you have put together a rock solid guide that will give painters a
HUGE advantage
right from the start, even if they are first time business owners!

A must have for any painter considering starting their own painting business!

Outstanding information!”

Bill Winder

Those are just a few of the letters I have on file, there are many more...

Listen, I know a lot of you reading this letter are planning on starting or expanding your painting business this year -- and you will no doubt reach a point where you desperately need the information I reveal in the Painting for Profits course.

So How Much Does It Cost?

I’ll admit the updated edition of Painting for Profits – isn't cheap!!  Quite frankly it shouldn't be...

The investment may be a bit of a stretch for some of you and believe me I have empathy for you, but this is highly specialized information...

Painting for Profits reveals very exclusive subject matter!  Not for mass consumption.

As they say, it costs more to fly First Class than it does to take the bus.

Not only that, I have invested a lot of time and effort into preparing, testing and perfecting the Painting for Profits Success System...

...And I reveal genuine “Insider” information from my own business and I’m not all that eager for every average Joe painter to get it!  Sorry but that’s that way it is.

The investment is intended as a barrier to keep out painters who really shouldn't have it and that is an advantage that both YOU and I benefit from.

For all those reasons, I had no choice but to price this incredible success system high enough to keep out the riffraff but still reasonable for those painters serious about starting their own professional painting business.

...But I don't feel justified charging $997 (although I could), because charging that much would put it out of reach for far too many well-meaning painters...

...So after a lot of thought and feedback from painters already using the system I decided that $197 is a more-than-fair price for this proven money making system.

add to cart
Let's face it, a small investment of time and money up front - costs a heck of a lot less than failure.

You’ll get much, much faster results. Believe me, you’ll pay this fee twenty times over in struggle, mistakes and lost time if you don’t have this information.

This is a “Do it once and reap the rewards for a lifetime” Opportunity!

I am literally giving you the KEYS to the kingdom, This course lays out a proven marketing system that costs next to nothing to run and if applied consistently for just 21 days -- will allow you to build the referral base that can sustain your painting business for life.

...Many painters experience measurable results in the form of a more consistent flow of new customers calling and higher closure rate on their painting estimates within 7 days of applying the system! (Some in as little as 3 days.)

Please understand, you are not buying this program for entertainment  -  You are investing in Painting for Profits because you want:

  • A solid secure future that you control

  • Professional income 

  • Free time to do what you love

  • A nice vehicle

  • A nice home

  • Good school for your kids

  • To be your own boss
Double check with your accountant but I am sure this business expense is 100% Tax Deductible!

It is all within reach -- yours for the taking!


Please understand this program IS NOT for every painter! Now before we go any further, I do have to give you fair warning.

This ground breaking step-by-step system is for painters serious about taking control of their businesses and their financial future. I get calls and emails nearly every day asking me...

Will Painting for Profits work for me in my area?

Well, the answer is there is about a 99.4% chance it will work for you IF you meet the basic criteria... you need to be able to answer yes to at least one of these questions:

  • Do you agree it's easier to follow a proven pattern of success than it is
    to go through the frustration of figuring it out on your own through the
    painful process of trial and error?

  • Are you able to follow instructions if they are laid out in a simple easy to
    follow step-by-step format

  • Do you understand success doesn't just magically happen, and it will
    be up to you to take the knowledge you've gained and put it into action
    on a consistent basis?

Those are the big three. If you can say yes to any one of them, then you can definitely put together a very profitable painting business.

If not then this program is NOT for you.

In that case, please be honest with yourself and exit this site right now.

Really, I’m serious. If you are not open to following simple step-by-step instructions that will help you quickly build an in-demand, high profit, referral based painting business...

...Then just leave now!

On the other hand, if you are ready to create a thriving painting business...

I will also include 4 Amazing SHORTCUT BONUSES valued at $838.00 for FREE - BUT this extremely valuable bonus package will only be offered for a very limited time and only to a handful of painters.

The 4 FREE Shortcut Bonuses will instantly help you ramp up & skyrocket the profits of your painting business and ensure your success!

Shortcut Bonus #1:
The Complete Bid-to-Win
Estimating System
(A $197 Value – Yours FREE!)

One of the biggest reasons painting businesses go “Out of Business” is because they never figure out how to properly bid paint jobs...  NOTHING causes more stress and frustration then LOSING money on jobs.

Now you can confidently & accurately bid all types of paint jobs!  I break down and reveal all of my most closely guarded secrets about how to consistently land 9 out of 10 estimates you submit even when you’re the highest bid.

...But you don’t have to learn the hard way...  You will discover a proven formula for putting cash in hand over 92% of the time!

You’ll receive:

  • ALL of my Top Secret bidding formulas for accurately bidding walls, ceilings, doors, windows and trim...  They work on all types of Residential and Commercial interior & exterior paint jobs...

Best of all the formulas have been broken down and simplified so they are easy to understand... even if you are just getting started. 

**Attention International Painters:  All of the formulas have also been converted into metric units for all of my friends in Australia, New Zealand and the U.K.  That means if you live in one of these countries you will be able to start profiting from the bidding formulas right away! (Without the frustration of having to do the conversions yourself.)

It’s important to know there is more to consistently landing paint jobs than coming up with a good price (although that is very important) knowing how to write up and submit your painting estimates is just as vital to your success...

So you will also receive:

  • A step-by-step Estimate Writing Workshop – complete with examples of interior and exterior templates that practically - do the selling for you

Knowing how to write competitive, profitable estimates is vital to your success.

* This is serious insider stuff * my most profitable and closely held secrets of all times!

Write up your estimates using these proven templates and watch more of your estimates get accepted on the spot!

The Bid to Win Estimating System is a complete solution to one of the biggest problems facing all new painting business owners...  It will help you put money in your pocket right from the start!

...And to help you corner your market FAST you will also receive:

  • My Competition Research Strategy - A comprehensive step-by-step strategy that will reveal “To the Penny” what other painters in your area are charging for their services! 

...Not only that, you will also discover other important information about your competitors that you can use to set your painting business apart and instantly position yourself as the painter of choice in your area.

These secrets will allow you to enter your market “IN THE MONEY” from day one.

I really couldn't make this any easier unless I built your business for you...

This proven bidding and estimating system works for Commercial, Residential Repaint as well as Residential New Construction...  It’s what you need to succeed!

...But wait, I am going to go one step further and give you the final pieces of the puzzle that will guarantee your success!


Shortcut Bonus #2:
The FULL Mentorship Package
(A $497 Value – Yours FREE!)

You will receive copies of ALL my proven marketing materials so YOU can instantly duplicate my success system.

I have used these exact same marketing tools to build my completely self sustaining, 100% referral based, residential/commercial painting business that has doubled it’s income each of the last three years – without spending a dime on traditional advertising.

These templates, forms, letters, contracts and marketing materials will save you Tens of Thousands of dollars in advertising costs alone.  Not to mention all they time it would take you to create them on your own...

You are getting the exact marketing materials I used to:

  • Bring my beautiful wife home from her 40/hr week job

  •  Afforded us a nice home

  • 2 Nice Vehicles

  • Take days off to go to Chicago Cubs baseball games! (Go Cubs Go)

  • Take fishing vacations to the Florida Keys and the Bahamas

If you have basic painting skills and the desire to succeed -- this incredible system can do the same for you - EVEN MORE!

...And to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to grow your painting business as large as you want you will also receive:

The Complete Operations System – This includes:

  • The Updated Employee Management System... Insider secrets for attracting and developing the best painting employees – Those who will treat your business and customers with the care and respect you demand.

  • The Office Management System... A simple guide for keeping your thriving painting business organized and growing!

...And to make sure you always have someone to answer your questions, give you feedback and encouragement you will also receive:

One Full Year of Unlimited DIRECT email access – I would never pretend to know everything (I don’t) but over the years I have built relationships with dozens of top experts and if I can’t answer your questions personally, I will always go the extra mile to try and get it answered for you.

...And to make sure you’re never without fresh new ideas to grow your painting business you will also receive:

FREE Updates every time I add new money making tips, techniques and strategies YOU will be the first to know!  Typically I charge $47 for each new updated section, but if you are one of the next 100 people to order you will get FREE updates for LIFE!

Every year I have the privilege of helping hundreds of painters grow their business...   and quite often as we brainstorm - we come up with powerful, creative ways to make more money and do things better, easier or faster.

When that happens you will receive email updates detailing each new money making and time saving idea so you can immediately start profiting from them too!


Shortcut Bonus #3:
COMMERICAL Painting for Profits
(A $97 Value – Yours FREE!)

This is your complete step-by-step guide for locating and landing large multi-unit commercial property management accounts like:

  • Apartment Complexes
  • Condo Associations
  • Office Buildings
  • And More

You will get a copy of the powerful one page marketing letter I used to land a 586 unit property management account (on the very FIRST contact)  That single account brings in over $30,000 PROFIT a year like clock-work working an average of just 10-15 hours a week!


Shortcut Bonus #4:
7 Day Quick Start Guide
(A $47 Value – Yours FREE!)

The Amazing 7 Day Quick Start Guide

This 21 page Quick Start Guide will help you get the most out of the Painting for Profits Success System it is your fast track to get up & running and earning Top-Dollar in as little as 7 days or less! You'll be taken by the hand through:

  • The Paperwork Process
  • Licensing Options
  • Choosing a Business Structure
  • Your Insurance Options
  • Creating the Proper Mind Set
  • Setting Realistic and Achievable Goals
  • An Example of a 90 day Action Plan
  • And much more


Due to the value of these bonuses I am only offering this incredible package for a very limited time for the special offer – those who act now will save big!

Seriously, if you miss out on this special offer, DO NOT email begging me to bring it back. THE ANSWER IS NO! It is now or never. So ORDER RIGHT NOW!

After all, part of being a business person -- is learning to recognize and capitalize on opportunities… while they are HOT!

Better Than RISK FREE
"It Does What I Say or You Don’t Pay"
100% Money Back Guarantee!

Don’t pressure yourself to decide now. Take advantage of our risk free offer, apply the proven step-by-step Painting for Profits system for ONE FULL YEAR, and witness first-hand the ease and speed of your success!

If for any reason (Or no reason at all) you are not thrilled with the Painting for Profits System and the tremendous results you gain simply send the program back and I’ll refund every dime of your purchase price. No hassles, no questions!

I figure by giving YOU the opportunity to secure your copy of Painting for Profits NOW for just $197 - I might be able to get you to act a bit quicker. 

Yes, that means I take on a HUGE financial risk - but YOU will be able to quickly and easily build a wildly profitable painting business without the frustration of trial and error.

I’m shouldering  all the risk for you because that’s how much I believe this system will work for you.

Remember... this IS life-changing information -- it is NOT re-hashed; watered down, theoretical, wishy-washy, crap.

Nor is it some bullsh*t fly-by-night scheme written by some scab with no experience on how to start a painting business.


I filled every page with tested, proven, from-the-field… direct marketing tactics that work -- in your area -- right now, today – ALWAYS!

This is a streamlined guide for starting and growing a profitable painting business built on years of blood, sweat and tears.

Don’t go it alone when you can be guided by the hand every step of the way!

Just imagine all the benefits you will gain from owning your very own wildly profitable painting business:

  • Bring in TOP-DOLLAR for your services.

  • Start bringing in a more steady stream of customers.

  • Set your own schedule. (Three day weekends anyone?)

  • Extra money and free time for hobbies, season tickets or concerts.

  • Gain the SATISFACTION and PRIDE that goes with owning a successful painting business.

  • Earn in a day what most painters make in a week!

  • Become a respected painting business owner NOT just a painter.

Painting for Profits gives you the "Know-How" to create a painting business that you can be proud of... A painting business that gives you the lifestyle you desire and a painting business that people in your community respect and are happy to promote!

You have a choice to make...

Keep doing what you’ve been doing, going it alone using trial and error as your guide, losing sleep, losing jobs, losing money and running out of time.

...Or choose right now to make the most important decision that you will EVER make for your painting business and gain all the rewards that come with it!

By this time next year you'll have had a chance to reap some of the incredible rewards I'm convinced are in store for you - a thriving painting business, the pride of being your own boss, the respect of your friends and family, extra money to do more of the things you love...

Maybe you took your entire family to Disney World then spent two weeks lazing on a sun-drenched stretch of Florida beach...

Maybe you hired a fishing guide to take you off the coast of Martha's Vineyard for Striper and Bluefish or down to the Florida Keys for Tarpon, Bonefish and Permit...

Maybe you purchased season tickets to your favorite sports team or spent the summer watching your favorite bands live from the front row.

Whatever you're doing... you'll be looking back on the decision you made here today as one of your very best!

This is your chance... This is your moment to decide if you want a secure financial future... if you want to build a solid self-sustaining, 100% referral based painting business and cash in on the skills you already possess...

If you want to be in command of how much more fulfilling and profitable your life can be you couldn't ask for a better opportunity.

Claim YOUR copy of this incredible
Painting for Profits Success System right now!

Start profiting from the the entire updated Painting for Profits – Painting Business Success System (Including all FOUR *Shortcut Bonuses*) for just $197.

If for any reason within a year you are not happy with the results you've gotten simply return the program for a full refund of the purchase price.

There is NO RISK to you for checking it out today!

Click The Button Below Right Now to Lock In Your Success

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You Can Also Order by Mail

If you do not have a credit card or would rather order by mail simply send a check or money order for $197 in USD along with your Name, Shipping Address, Phone Number and eMail Address to:

Unity Holdings, LLC
12986 Goose Lake RD
Jonesville, MI 49250

Click Here To Print Order Form

To YOUR painting business profits,

Andy Thompson,
Andy’s Quality Painting

P.S. By acting right now you get a SUBSTANTIAL 51% savings a wealth of FREE bonuses valued at $838.00.

This collection of bonuses, discounts, and generous guarantee is only available for a limited time and only to a handful of people so grab your copy now before this special launch event ends.

P.P.S. Knowledge + Skills = Money - You will look back and realize this was the best investment you ever made for your painting business; I know this information will make you HUNDREDS of times your investment back, quickly and with the least amount of effort.

You have nothing to lose, except the worry, stress and frustration of doing things on your own through trial and error.  The quicker you act the better you will sleep at night knowing you have a proven road map for success to follow.

P.P.P.S. You have the idea to start and grow your own painting business and you are actively seeking out specialized knowledge in the form of an organized action plan that will help you to turn your desire into real cash in the bank...

Most painters who decide to start their own business skip this critically important step. They remain ignorant and that ignorance causes them to suffer and fail.

Starting off with little knowledge of how to start and manage a painting business can make everyday a struggle.

Don't let lack of information be the reason your painting business fails.

Don’t end up like the 98% of painters who start their business one year and are back working for some jerk boss (getting paid peanuts) the next, you are too smart for that!

  • Painting for Profits will give you the knowledge and the confidence to KNOW you will succeed.
  • Painting for Profits lays out the ACTIONABLE steps so you can move quickly from one success to the nex

Will Painting for Profits help you finally start making the kind of money you deserve? You never know unless you try and with this incredible Risk Free Special Offer you would be nuts not to give it a try.

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